Cost-effectiveness of adjunctive eptifibatide in patients undergoing coronary stenting in Germany

Objective: To determine the cost-effectiveness of adding eptifibatide to the standard treatment for selected high-risk patients undergoing coronary stenting in Germany. Furthermore, to investigate the impact of several extrapolation methods on the results.

The economic value of anti-IgE in severe persistent, IgE-mediated (allergic) asthma patients: adaptation of INNOVATE to Sweden

Background: Severe allergic asthma patients may not be controlled even with guideline recommended care, including inhaled corticosteroids, long-acting beta-2 agonists, theophylline, oral steroids and anti-leukotrienes. They experience exacerbations requiring intensive healthcare use and which may be fatal.

The cost-effectiveness of screening programs using single and multiple birth cohort simulations: a comparison using a model of cervical cancer

Despite early recognition of the theoretical advantages of simulations that include different population subgroups/ strata and different birth cohorts, many modeling-based economic evaluations of cervical screening have been based on unrealistic single birth cohort simulations.