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About SHE

SHE was founded in 2008 by Sarah Dewilde and is based in Brussels.

With economic valuation becoming a mandatory part of


Data Analysis

Survival analysis, repeated measurements of quality-of-life data, resource-use and cost analysis, time-series analysis, multilevel analysis, discrete choice experiments, factor analysis, clustering analysis, missing data and multiple imputation techniques, and propensity scores adjustment for non-randomisation, all programmed in SAS or R.

Model development

Developing cost-effectiveness models in Excel and R using decision-analytical techniques including Markov models, cohort or simulation models and probabilistic sensitivity analysis.

Strategic advice

Strategic advice with a proven track record in study design, model design, advise on data collection and statistical analysis plans.

Skilled in leading long term projects and coordinating multiple independent consultants; bringing expertise together and delivering high quality research.

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